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When Sony was launching PlayStation in Europe, the business was debating the strategic future of the console. Would it be positioned within an educational space, or located squarely in entertainment and gaming? Jo's research helped build the case for the latter, leading to one of the most seminal television commercials of the era. The workshop project she ran involved taking the team out to Cirque de Soleil! 

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When Amnesty UK turned 40 it faced the reality of having become a large and complex charity with a growing number of aims. Jo was asked to run a process amongst stakeholders, staff, senior management, supporters and others to help refocus the organisation, regrounding it in its founding purpose. The result was the creation of 'Protect the human' as both a creative strapline and an organising thought for Amnesty. 


As the National Theatre was looking to transfer its production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time into the West End, the team needed insight into how to bring the resonant truths of a play about a young man with autism to a wide audience. Jo's process involved a workshop with writer and Director, plus research amongst theatre goers to build a clear communications strategy. 


When Skoda was looking to relaunch in Britain, after being acquired by VW, it faced a massive image problem. Skodas were an unreliable, badly designed joke. Jo's research was at the heart of the relaunch, guiding an apprehensive client to accept that the brand's image barriers had to be explicitly faced, before a new (and what became) hugely successful future could emerge.